Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dough Tutorial

Back by unpopular demand, more dough! Seriously. If you think this blog is getting a bit repetitive, remember this: Oil Changes is currently a curious hybrid, 1 part teaching blog, 1 part lunch diary, 1 part forearm commercial for the blogger (I'm hoping to get some sweat-band modeling gigs). Anyway, a fan requested a proper pasta dough tutorial, and now I happily supply it. But, before you watch it, keep this in mind: I am headed to the Florence farmer's market in a couple hours, in search of some seasonal delectables to pair with my wad of dough. So, like good hungry readers, please come back for seconds.

1 comment:

lorelei said...

The nest aesthetic of the eggs and flour previous to the mixing process particularly appeals to me. I also find it useful that the finished dough can double as Kleenex.