Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pale Ale Dale

Every once in a pale blue moon, I decide to do some good old "splurging." But what does it mean to splurge? It means to indulge oneself in some luxury or pleasure, esp. a costly one. Tonight I splurged on a bottle of beer. (Mental note: the spl letter combination, when followed by one of the rounder vowels, usually carries an additional "dirty" connotation; see splurge, splutter, splotch.) But I digress.

I am currently enjoying an eight dollar bottle of beer, pictured above. The beer is an imperial India pale ale and it is made by the Southern Tier brewing company of Lakewood, New York. The alcohol content is 11% by volume (it's practically wine) and the flavor is good but I would not call it unearthly. Nonetheless, I will drink all of it and probably find myself somewhat more capable of properly assessing my personal value afterwards. So here's to feeling somewhat smarter and wittier than I really am in about an hour.

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