Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bacon Sarnie

Welcome back to me, Senior Oil Changes! It's been way too long, but I am settled now. My new kitchen is no longer the foreign animal it was two weeks ago, and with my new status (I've become mayor, Olympian, and hot dog eating contest winner) comes a new diet. Today was a grading day, and nothing helps me teach better than a bacon sarnie.

A bacon sarnie? Oh yes, the old bacon sarnie. "Considered too plebeian to be found on the menus of high class restaurants" (Wikipedia, 'Bacon Sandwich'), the bacon sarnie is nonetheless a classy little diablo when gussied up. But don't look for any arugula here. This blogger will have none of that business. This is a bacon sandwich folks. Let's not get too uppity about it.

The purist in me gussied up this bacon sarnie by pairing some nice, thick sliced, dry cured, center cut, "streaky" bacon, with a crusty, demi baguette. To keep it real, I applied some butter and ketchup to the toasted bun. There's really nothing else to it. You get the good bacon, you cook it right; you get the good bread, you toast it right; and then you slap on some butter and ketchup. That's it. You now have a sandwich that is rugged enough to plow through a dozen comparison/contrast essays, yet sophisticated enough to keep you from feeling like an under-paid dunce.

Pair this sandwich with nothing. Or, on the other hand, pair it with a quart of strong beer.


Dr. Crowbar said...

I'm at my parents place for the next few days. My mom is obsessed with the thought that I eat nothing but bacon. There are three pounds in the fridge. They do not eat bacon.

Seth said...

I'd REALLY love to hear you expound on the virtues of cold meatloaf someday.

fralala said...

what happens when i am not home?!