Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fit to be tied!

Say what you will, autumn brings out the string lover in me. Put something red and slender before me, and I will go bananas with my snips and kite string. Does this qualify me as a classic pervert? You be the judge. I just love chilies, and I tie them up to prepare my spirit for winter.

Ah winter, you beast, you are best enjoyed with vitamin C rich chili flakes. Ah Stop 'n Shop, ah McCormick, your chili flakes are second best. Let us all learn to tie our own chilies. It's not much harder than tying your shoes.

What you need:

Chilies and string (scissors are optional)

How you do it:

Get chilies with long stems; cut a length of string (or bite a length if that's your pleasure); tie them up

What to do:

You can always do this:

Chili necklaces are becoming fashionable again. Of course, you can also hang your strands in a cool, dry, dark place, i.e. not in the bathroom, and wait for them to dry out. Then you cook with them.

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