Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sketchy plans

Not long ago I made some ridiculously rich broth from ox-tail, caramelized tomato paste, Little Penguin cabernet sauvignon, and a number of other ingredients this blogger-schmogger wishes to keep secret (i.e. has forgotten). Well, the broth was outstanding but the use was dumb: I reduced it and combined it with spiral macaroni and beans, producing, surprise surprise, pasta e fagioli that looked like dog food.

Well, I am back. I am back and full of chagrin, but full of inspiration, too. The new "blood" broth is simmering down ("hey! simmer down, Sam!"), and I am determined to put it to a much better use this time: witness the sketchy sketch. The plan is to make simple, ricotta-based tortelloni, plop them in the broth with some blanched brussel sprouts, probably dump in a few kidney beans, and serve up this wallop of a fall meal at precisely 2 PM tomorrow. If I succeed, I will blog it (the hilariously rich broth recipe included). In the meantime, some fun food sketches I made a couple summers ago with rising chef, Paul Simms, protege of master Chef, Roland Liccione.


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