Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cabbage and bacon sarnie

With egg, with egg. We are creating a mantra here, and it's WITH EGG.

This is actually one of my favorite sandwiches. The egg is not actually necessary, but it improves the sandwich a lot. To be specific, the broken yolk finishes the sandwich.

This morning I made an unfortunate decision: no runny yolk.


Cook bacon on medium or medium-low heat to render the fat. Saute the shredded cabbage in the bacon fat. Meanwhile you are toasting your baguette (or other bread product) and cooking your egg in another pan. Butter your bread and slap it all together. A little trick I learned is this: intentionally break your yolk before eating the sandwich. Then, turn the sandwich end-over-end to spread the yolk among the sandwich components. Watch the edges for spillage. Drops of yolk on linoleum break my heart. Don't break my heart.

Here is the full-frontal plate shot, tweaked out:

Now I must venture into the world to clear my head and drive my blood. As they say, the force that through the green fuse drives the flower, drives my green age. You know?

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Anonymous said...

It is three days that I am about to leave my office deep in the oldest Europe, at 8pm, developing a concern on what to eat, and I find your entry here. This is a sprout of life to me. Thanks Jono-the-poet. And thanks for caring of your prose when writing.
Barbarousenglish Woman