Sunday, May 31, 2009

summer preview

I sure hope this isn't a summer preview because (a) today was a horrible day, and (b) it would have been a very difficult day if (a) I hadn't been a complete lunatic last night and (b) I didn't have to pick my mother up at a hotel at nine and drive to Miller's Falls to strip the last remaining vestiges from a home that has been in our family for four generations in order to close on a sale. It was painful enough to help my mother box up her mother's wedding china. I said, don't look back, mom, you'll turn into a pillar of salt. But I was the one who turned into a pillar of salt, not my mother. I am a pillar of salt, running a fever, and now I am complaining on OilChanges. This is not a good preview.

Above are some sauteed mustard greens with a cheese toasty. Life was good when I made those yesterday, but now I feel unsure. Nonetheless, the plan is to integrate the gardening blogs and the cooking blogs as soon as the garden starts producing a lot of food. That is what I mean by "summer preview." That should be good.

p.s. I may start writing actual cooking blogs again, too.


Margherita Clara said...

Good idea, Fellow food head. Cheer up, sun is high and hope is there. Thank you for your blog, it has become important to me

Gregory said...

It is now Sunday again; I had a decent time last week, running around and eating fish and chips, drinking real ale, with a nasty gash on my head from two days prior (bar incident). I grappled with Margui, newly returned to town and hurting hurting hurting about our ability to hang and be friends. I stayed up too late and got into bed too late and went to work ten minutes late the next day.

This one will be different: I am full of vigour. I am not drinking at one P.M. and I do not plan on doing so prior to five. I am DJ'ing at Bring Your Parent's Records this afternoon, and dancing and interviewing and so forth. I have my dry-cleaning back and ready for work. I will start my laundry soon, and go to the supermarket in order to have breakfast and lunch food ready. The gash is now a small scab under my temple. I am happy although the sense of gathering doom always hangs just ahead of my discriminating gaze. I need to eat lunch. I need to make phone calls to loved ones.

I will have a big glass of water - too many spliffs yesterday. I felt a fool for staying up late and then trying to speak about emotions and relationships while all I wanted physically was to fall over and find a soft patch of grass to lie in.

The clouds reflected in the windows of the Masonic Temple is a polite homage to many Pink Floyd album covers. I will spin lots of Beatles tunesduring my DJ slot today. Oh, yeah.