Thursday, July 16, 2009

Indian Style Cauliflower Pickle

This is another "fresh" pickle. It runs around. It stays out late. It talks back. Somebody should wash its mouth out with soap. This pickle needs a Time Out.

Time out. In pickle parlance, there are fresh and fermented pickles. Apparently fermented pickles are not-so-fresh, but I never get that feeling when chomping on a full sour. Never mind.

So-called fresh pickles are made with vinegar and fermented pickles are fermented. Vinegar is acetic acid. When the microorganisms that cause fermentation start working, they produce acetic acid (and other acids). You follow? The white vinegar you buy in the store is made from fermented, pure alcohol. Pickles, fermentation, alcohol, vinegar, hmm...

Here are some books I picked up in Florence yesterday:

If I actually read books, I'd probably read them. Alas, they are only for show.

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Teach me what you know! I'm about to have several hundred cucumbers.