Monday, July 13, 2009


Today was what I like to call a Pretty Productive Day, or PPD. It began like any other day: I woke up late and wrote e-mails while drinking coffee. This morning's e-mail was a damn fine e-mail, too, and then the day continued to proceed along the Ordinary Summer Route, or OSR: I took my pocket knife into the garden, trimmed what needed trimming and pulled weeds. It wasn't until I headed into town for my afternoon walk (while my laundry spun in the basement) that the productivity really began. That was when I entered MEM, or Maximum Enterprisal Mood, which culminated in this pizza (and another one, not shown). In case you are wondering, the answer is yes. You do need to use Priority Mailers to make good pizza.


Margui said...

we like you here in Paris! kiss, Margui

gregory said...

... that is the shittiest looking, most impoverished pizza I have seen from the states. I am appalled and disappointed in you -- this looks like the shit that they serve in the shops here, with two unsliced olives and few sprigs of wilted cilantro wading in the middle of a sprinkling of cheese. Grow some balls and make a man's pizza pie, you fucking coward!! REMEMBER the HILL!