Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye Old Oil Changes, Hello New Oil Changes

When some Polish entrepreneur attempted to hijack my blog by leaving a commercial link as a comment on who-knows-what food post I made, I started to think about monetizing this blog. I mean, if some scrappy Polish upstart thought he could divert my traffic to his site to make some money by doing that, well, my ears pricked up. The truth is, my traffic has been climbing. If you're among my closest fans, you may have even heard me bragging that certain Google search queries, for instance, "cream of carrot and potato soup," rank my Oil Changes post as number 5 of 840,000! That's ahead of all the bastards on the Food Network, including the fat Emeril Lagasse, and the geeky Alton Brown. The point is, Oil Changes has been on the up and up, and I have been on the broke and broke. Before I continue, however, to talk about the changes you can expect to see in the near future, here is a picture of my dinner:

Those are some really nice re-fried bean tostadas. I made them this afternoon upon my return from Duffy's Front End Repair (the auto mechanic's shop that's in my hood). And that's a little clue for all you astute readers: a visit to the mechanic, the decision to run ads. In any case, Oil Changes will, as the name allows, undergo a change very soon. By the end of this coming weekend, you can and should expect to see some content-related ads on the sidebar of this blog and at the end of each post. Hopefully they will not turn off my loyal readers and friends. You see, it works like this: someone clicks on an ad; I get a penny. Maybe I get two pennies. At this point, I don't know. Here's a classic pic of some mac 'n cheese to tide you over before I talk about the other changes you can expect to see:

So, in order to actually make this work, the content of my writing will change, too. That is, the content of some posts will change. Unless things get really crazy, my regular readers can still expect to see many unprofitable looking posts, i.e. posts that are so casual or so grumpy or fuzzy or so whatever that nobody outside of my inner circles would ever really bother reading them. What I mean to say is that this blog will still function as a kind of lunch diary. On the other hand, periodically I may turn into a kind of product plugging machine. Well, maybe not that, but you can expect the posts to look more and more like actual food writing--i.e. I will resume actually telling the reader how to make the food, rather than what I normally do, which is take a picture of my lunch and then write whatever the hell I want. My hunch is that this may actually be a perk for some of you; I mean, at one point some fans did actually like the teaching cooking aspect of the blog. That is, until I totally canceled that aspect. Anyway, the point is that this blog is going pro, and I just wanted to give you all head's up before a bunch of ridiculous ads start appearing on this blog.

Thanks everybody, and be sure to check back regularly,



natalie said...

so excited to read and click on absolutely everything. cheers!

Ben said...

Long Live Pure Profit!

Your bro-in-law said...

Let the good times roll... in cold cash!

I'll click on your links if you click on mine. :D

Doug said...


No, but making money, even in penny form, is good.

You should honor the Polish entrepreneur by cooking up some kielbasa. Or whatever.

Jono Tosch said...

Thanks everybody! said...

Great job with the blog, Jono. Just wanted to let you know that you can get 2! knife sets for the price of one at: Ronco products really are the best. And don't worry about ads. They're everywhere these days.