Friday, March 12, 2010

Pizza + Music + Spring Break = LOVE

So, only six kids showed up to class today.  "Mr. Gold Paper Clip" told a story about a passenger who fell asleep on another passenger's shoulder on a Greyhound bus in Canada and had their head lopped off.  T.J. doubted the story on the premise that it'd be pretty hard to cut off someone's head on a bus, but Mr. Gold Paper Clip said the passenger could have had a knife--or a sword.  Anyway, I went home and drank some Maker's Mark straight from the bottle while making this video for the Goob.  She's in South Beach, wearing strappy sandals, and I'm headed to a small dinner party with a proto lawyer who's making Julia Child's beef bourguignon.  After all, it's spring break and we deserve it.     


B.B. said...

You are right to choose songs with reverb -- it's as if the song is in the kitchen and the kitchen is in the song. Nice work, Jono.

Jessica said...

A "proto lawyer"? It's so strange to be described that way.