Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mini Sandwiches, White Bread

Operating under the assumption that "anything mini is cute," and hungry from an afternoon of installing fences to fortify my garden against idiots who would plod across it in their boots, I sat down to make some miniature cheddar and jalapeno sandwiches with the miniature pain de mie I'd made from scrap dough earlier in the week.  As the ever popular Julia says about pain de mie, it's "essential for professional-looking sandwiches," and these mini sandwiches, apart from their default cute status, are definitely professional-looking.  At least to me they are.  

Notice the dime and the tiny blue rubber band.  I included them to establish scale.  Unfortunately, as is always the case with these blogs, it is impossible to establish flavor with a snapshot.  On the other hand, you can always take my word.  

 notice: the bread is buttered

These mini sandwiches were definitely not mini in flavor.  Riffing on the cheese and pickle sandwich, I thinly sliced some creamy cheddar and chopped up some pickled jalapenos.  Wow!  What pizzazz those peppers added to this classic sarnie!  I'm serious, kiddos, these puppies were delicious.  Sadly, unless you're willing and able to make pain de mie at home, your options for having one of these babies are quite limited.  You can hunt around all you want, but you will probably not find bread like this anywhere.  The popularity of this type of sandwich bread has been quashed by the California-bred, minimum eighteen-grain Healthy Lifestyle Police.  Bah on them and bah on the entire west coast.  Let them take their dense, spelt-heavy sourdoughs and fall into the ocean and live among the mollusks, the ocean trench bacteria, and the one-eyed angler fish.  That's what I say, and that's what Julia would say, too, if she were still alive.          


Anonymous said...

Jum. Oh, and, I like your labels.

earl parker said...

The west coast is over-rated. I would do anything to go to Nebraska. I wrote something on my (old) blog about Oregon: I don't know what the fascination with it is; a lot of people I know are there. I just don't understand, why not Illinois, Vermont, Florida, or Texas? Why Oregon? I don't want to start no "new fuckin' life," I'd just go back to Central Illinois, where i was born: why not? Seattle is pretty cool, it's more "cosmopolitan" than a lot of places, but in the end, you're probably paying a pretty penny to live there, just like here, and there's graffiti everywhere. On a lighter note I'm glad my nudge nudge in the "direction" of cheese sandwiches panned out nicely in Americana. If anybody ever comes to LA, buy the cheese sandwich at Raffealos, there's a few of them around this dumb place with a dome over it. Sounds like a porn star, that restaurant name: porn stars are lame, most of them, a lot of that here: they're personalities suck. They're just all cock, balls, and vaginas. That's all they'll ever be!!