Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scallion Omelette

This time of year it's oeuf oeuf oeuf, oeuf oeuf oeuf. Everything seems to be making this sound.  Oeuf goes the baker as he plops out of bed.  Oeuf oeuf go the feet of the fat cat as she plods toward her dinner of pellets.  Oeuf goes the boy in the doctor's chair.  Oeuf the goose, oeuf the construction worker as he fills a pot-hole.  There seems to be nothing that isn't going oeuf.  Everything has gone a bit oeufy.  Even Me.  I'm having eggs again, eggs every day of the week.  One day they were deviled, another day they were sunny-side up, another day over-easy, and today, today they are French.  My garden is growing; some nice scallions are standing upright: I thought I'd make a rolled omelette with scallions.  Oeuf goes the omellete as it rolls onto the toasted, Hungry Ghost bread.  

I admit, it's not a perfect rolled omelette.  I'm still rather new at them.  On the other hand, the pea shoot salad with tarragon vinegar dressing and Sriracha sauce was absolutely perfect!

Not an omelette you say?  Why of course it is, dum dum.  Not all omelettes are those giant, stuffed, folded things you get @ Denny's!  If you don't believe me, check out this photo from Volume One of Mastering the Art of French Cooking:

p.s. I like how the omelette and the fingernails are the same, almond shape.  Somebody got a good mani before being drawn for that pic!

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