Wednesday, May 5, 2010

spaghetti frittata

Some people want to become star lawyers, some people want to become famous doctors.  I want neither one.  My ambition is simple: I want this spaghetti frittata pic to be the top hit on Google images.

Well, that's not the prettiest shot ever, but things viewed from the top are not always at their prettiest.  Think about it.  Think about Christie Brinkley.  Does she look her best from the top?  Or think about the best looking iron fence in the world.  How good does it look from the top?  Can't really tell, can you?  Moving on.

A long view across the mildly rugged and oh-so gorgeous surface of the spaghetti frittata shows the chef's curious mind at play.  Huh?  What?  What did the chef just say about the chef's curious and playful mind?  I don't think I follow.  Is this some kind of beauty pageant?

The chef decided to poo-poo the standard spaghetti frittata by choosing a different pasta shape!  Behold, a more airy, even springy spaghetti frittata.  Spaghetti frittata Spaghetti frittata Spaghetti frittata, if you say it three times fast, you will enter a kind of billowy trance, a billowy trance from within which you will begin understand the deep pockets of air inside the spaghetti frittata, the tubular pockets of air trapped in the food, courtesy of the pipette pasta shape.  What?  Huh?

There she is, inverted, bottom up.  Bottom up, baby.  Now, the deft observer will notice that some of the green peas have found their way into the noodle!  Yes kids, it's just another perk.  The switch from spaghetti or angel hair to the hollow noodle allows for many pleasures.  It allows for a lighter, "airier" frittata *and* for this bit of where's-the-pea fun.  If I knew a lot about child psychology, that is, if my ambition was to become the world's greatest child psychologist, I'd say that your kids will love biting into hunks of this oh-so-light spaghetti frittata to find the delicious little peas tucked inside the tubes.  

Finally, the in-the-skillet shot.  Or rather, a close up of the in-the-skillet shot.  Whatever.  Accuracy is not my bag.  Being the number one spaghetti frittata image is.  

Being a good friend and food blogger is, too, and thus I will actually tell you how to make this dish.

1) cook noodles

2) crack eggs into bowl; combine with peas; salt and pepper (don't be stingy with the salt)

3) mix cold noodle with egg

4) heat oil in cast iron skillet, plop in egg and noodle mixture; cook until bottom forms

5) top with cheese and herbs and whatever and pop into 300 degree oven 

6) finish under broiler if desired

This is an great thing to do with left-over noodles.  You don't even need to use peas, but they do make it so much better.  Finally, caveat: if you don't add enough egg, some of the noodle near the top might not adhere to one another.  It's no biggie; I'm just sayin'


Seth Landman said...

I like that you went with Christie Brinkley.

earl parker said...

Chef Simms is impressed: he doesn't know where you garnered your abilities; at any rate, better to showcase your demerits via these blogs though I'm a bit of a quiter, than bost yourself via Facebook's egotistical domain.

I'm just living off eggs and toast at the moment: guess I'm not much of a money person. I don't really fancy the entertainment business; I would rather be in the food or farming professions, or just do regular work instead. My drinking buddy: I always go to his place up the block cuz I can't afford bars anymore, is too corny for me. I need to meet some new people. He's always changing his mind about different views, and finally he's remarking about how difficult it is to show love, after he went and hung out with Jamie Kennedy and became awakened to the entertainment business. I guess I am more of a an artist. Not really with food though. No kitchen.

I would see people like Jono if I had more money: I used to see almost everyone I knew every single year when I was a master at living out of a backpack, but I've become "normal," and it's boring. Life on a railroad track.

I had my friend drive me to the place where they have great sandwhiches, but at the particular location, they lacked adequate amounts of cheese.

Please submit a recipe for the ultimate bagel sandwich: vegetarian speaking. I have a toaster over, but no girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about your Spaghetti Frittata recipe!

You're description about the pea in the pasta made me laugh out loud~~I read the whole thing twice (laughed BOTH times.)

Thank you, I'm happy I stumbled across you in space,