Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vegetarian Carbonara

I've made some very loud proclamations about the absurdity of vegetarian carbonara recently, but I made them in a time of relative plenty: I had bacon.

Today I had no bacon.  By all other accounts, it was a normal day.  I woke up in the morning and had a quick run-in with the law before breakfast.  I phoned my lawyer in Quatar and mowed the lawn to blow off steam.  When I finished, I was quite hungry, so I went inside and rummaged around for food.  I found one egg, a nub of Parmesan cheese, half a bag of frozen peas, three asparagus spears, and some left-over pasta.  Not exactly a bounty, but I could work with it.   

I stole some of my roommate's Italian parsley to garnish my feast.  I also lopped off a portion of her red onion.  I've become quite the degenerate in the kitchen these days, and I was just about to flambe the table cloth when it occurred to me that I would do better to take a picture of my lunch.  (see above) 

This is what my vegetarian carbonara looked like from the perspective of my kitchen ceiling.  Basically, the same, but smaller.  Now, I don't say this to be funny.  Your vegetarian carbonara could also look this delicious from an aerial view-point.  To learn the secret vegetarian carbonara recipe, read below:

1) beat an egg in a mixing bowl; salt and pepper the egg(s)
2) thaw some peas
3) sautee peas and whatever other vegetable in some olive oil or butter
4) cook some pasta (or briefly reheat old pasta in boiling water)
5) when the pasta is cooked, incorporate it into the egg with a spoon
6) stir in the peas and other veg
7) grate some Parmesan cheese into your carbonara and mix it all up

*optional: you can add a touch of cream or milk to your eggs

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tussin78 said...

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