Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perfect Zucchini

It is 11:22 in the A.M. and I have finished all my chores.  I removed all the old pea vines, mowed the lawn, raked off the old rubbish lying around the garden, applied a layer of white spray paint to a cheap frame, cut all the old twine off my bounty of garden stakes, oh, never mind, I haven't finished all my chores.  I need to stake my tomatoes, and I will do so as soon as I finish writing about this perfect zucchini.  

Yesterday I was at a party, and after dinner a fellow poet said that he *strongly dislikes* the trend of showing snapshots of food on f***book.  His beef centered around this statement: "I like my food to be more utilitarian."  Meanwhile, the hostess pointed at me, to which the statement maker replied, "I know; I'm a big fan of OilChanges; I read every post twice."  I don't know how many utils one acquires by reading this blog, but I do know a perfect zucchini when I see one, and this zucchini is perfect.  It's about nine inches long.

When the astute observer picks a zucchini from his or her garden, that observer should notice some very fine, almost bristly little peach-fuzz hairs that cover the entire fruit.  I'm not sure why the hairs are there--why are there hairs on your head?--but they are there nonetheless, and they are only there for a very short while.  By the time a zucchini reaches the grocery store or even the farm stand, it is very likely that the little peach-fuzz hairs will have been worn off.  Do the hairs contribute to the flavor?  I have no idea.  Come over and see for yourself.

Finally, if you are hard up for zucchini recipes, keep watching this blog.  I am sure to post one very soon.   

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tussin78 said...

slackers. sometimes even famous chefs make bad dishes, but not me: I keep it relatively simple and prefer to practice the task of going to grocery supermarkets: where they have all my ingredients. Sandwiches, oh my gosh (shoot the works), I make it all, ya all. I have a penchant for mustard and weild it without forethought. I am vacationing in Cardiff California and checking out the babes, and photographing arty things for my scrapbooks. There is much to capture, and I must not leave my mind blank: I must document and keep all things interesting, and take them back to Los Angeles in order to sell them to lame-brained rich people that have mouths frothing for real gutter art. I am too despondent to give up my body, south of here, in Tijuana, so I will play the role of Christian during my stay, and stay away from all that dirty pussy around that area. I plan on "investing" in some fine sandwiches to fill my empty belly. please tell me what the best recipes are...