Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sallys Pizza, New Haven CT

When my sweetie pie told me that one of the top pizza shops in the country was located in New Haven Connecticut, I was like, "Yeah, and my name's Montgomery Ward."  I couldn't understand how one of the best pizza shops in America could be located in a state that I usually associate with dorks wearing boat shoes and Izod shirts.  I was sure that Connecticut was full of nothing but LL Bean products, BMW dealerships, and endless bedroom communities surrounded by state-of-the-art security systems, roses, and fancy ground covers.  Mile after mile I would find men and women with permanent tans and the whitest teeth on the planet.  If I ever set foot in Connecticut, I'd be mowed down by a Hummer and my guts would be wiped off the street with a gold copy of the Wall Street Journal.  That is, I would never find the best pizza I'd ever eaten.

This is what it looks like in Sally's.  The place is full of guys like those two.  I was completely enamored by the fastidious fellow on the left.  He never broke his posture once during the entire meal.  My sweetie noticed that the fellow on the right had brought a little baggie of Parmesan cheese with him and that, with a tiny spoon he'd also brought along, he periodically spooned little puffs of it onto his pizza.  Anyway, that's enough of those dudes.  Here are some fireworks to keep you reading (I saw 'em on the drive home from Sally's):

The coolest thing about Sally's is the menu.  They offer pizza and little else.  You can get a beer and a soda, but you cannot get a salad.  They don't even have Iceberg lettuce, so forget about that, too.  In fact, Sally's acts as if the California pizza "revolution" never even happened.  Wolfgang Puck?  Who the f**k is he?!  Avocado and bacon?  Go straight to hell!  BBQ sauce, chicken and red onion?  You can shove it up your a**!  Sally don't play like that.  Oh, and you'll probably wait two hours for you pizza, but it will be worth it.  The crust makes all the other pizza crusts I've ever eaten seem like abominations against pizza crust.   


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Discount Medifast said...

Looks like you stepped into some kind of a time tunnel. Interesting!