Sunday, May 15, 2011

broccoli raab (and salami) sandwich

I have recently fallen back in love with salami, translucent, thinly sliced salami.  My broccoli raab is also ready for harvest.  Last night, linguine with sauteed broccoli raab and mizuna, for lunch today this sandwich:

Those are actually some raab thinnings.  I scatter-sowed about two zillion seeds (seeds I collected after a couple of my raab plants bolted last summer) which wasn't wise.  The first couple rounds of thinning were brutal affairs.  I probably culled, i.e. killed, five hundred plants, rudely ripping out with thumb and forefinger clumps of 50 at a time.  That short of mass plant death doesn't bother me, though.  What bothered me was how much time it took, over several culling sessions, to thin the plants down to a somewhat respectable population density.  Much better to start seedlings indoors and place them out or just spend the time directly sowing individual seeds in an orderly fashion.  Anyway, thinnings on hand and needing a sandwich badly, I decided to pair up the raab with some Genoa salami and a nice bageutte.  

I toasted the bread so it wouldn't be chewy.  It's cool and rainy here today and the air is very moist, air which ultimately surrounds everything including bageuttes.  I also slathered a lot of butter on the bread, added very oily raab (sauteed in ample olive oil, with garlic), and the result was a succulent, even drippy sandwich that was salty, buttery, a wee bit bitter, and spicy thanks to the ample mustard.  Basically, a strong sandwich.

I completely recommend this sandwich.

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Eating & Drawing said...

I really can't stop thinking about this sandwich. It's perfect. I daydreamed about it all day at work.