Friday, August 5, 2011

X-Country Fun(d) Drive "Tank You" Letterpressed Postcard

Oilchanges friends, family, and fans:

Pledge central is hot.  Mike Velasquez rolled in this morning with three portable AC units and a kiddie pool full of party ice.  I was like, "Mike, what's the party ice for?"  And Mike was like, "To chill the champagne, bro."  

Champage?  At this early date?  The Oilchanges X-Country Road and Farm Adventure is definitely rolling along.  Thanks to nearly 20 doners, we've raised over six hundred dollars.   That means that there are a lot of wonderful readers out there.  It also means we still need to raise $1300.  I just recieved an offer to teach two sections of comp for the massive on-line educational institution I work for, AND I BADLY WANT TO TURN THEM DOWN SO THAT I CAN FOCUS ON ROAD BLOGGING AND FARM BLOGGING!!!  You can help me do that by clicking on the gas can. 

In the meantime, to say thank you to everyone who has donated (and hopefully to everyone who will), I'm working up a thank-you postcard to post from the road.  The post-card will be letterpressed on the Vandercook at Flying Object, the letterpress cooperative/multi-purpose space and independent bookstore in Hadley, MA.  Here's a glimpse at my working sketch:

Sometime in the next week, I will head over to Flying Object to convert this pen drawing into a digital file that will then be sent to a company that will convert that file into a polymer plate, which will then be sent back to Flying Object, which will then be printed and sent to you from the thank you for your donation.  Here's the actual sketch, sans colors:

OK fans, thank you so much, and keep it coming.  I always knew this trip would be educational, but I never predicted that it would teach me about pledge drives.  As M. Velasquez is fond of saying, "Trips teach you all of what you didn't expect, and none of what you did."  Cheers folks, jono

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