Friday, September 30, 2011

Denver: it's basically Nebraska

I'm in Denver.  Rolled in last night.  Drank some (three to be precise) beers in a bar with far too many men in it.  Before heading out, I decided to put on my corduroy button down with the bold collar, thinking, "Hey, I'm in the rough and ready West.  I better don some corduroy."  Wrong.  I would have done better to wear a t-shirt with a Sprite logo on it. 

So, I kind of slacked off yesterday.  I started taking some photos, but then my camera battery pooped out.  The chunk of road before you is somewhere between Eagle's Nest, NM, and Cimarron, NM.  At 8000 plus feet, Eagle's Nest claims the "Highest Point on the X-Country Road and Farm Adventure" title.  Sadly, however, I don't have pictures of it.  I can tell you though, that if you plan to drive through there on US 64 anytime soon, you should expect delays.  Roadwork.'s breakfast time.  I'm headed to Boulder for the weekend, and Kansas after that.  



jlula said...

Ha! I totally agree about Denver. I was just there this summer too. And then through Nebraska. Totally the same.

Flowergirls said...

nice pic's