Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oklahoma Bible Thumpers

Hey Everybody

I'm on the ground in New Mexico, getting acclimated, taking in the scenery and chatting like mad with my excellent hosts, Stan and Rose Mary Crawford.  Rose Mary is an absolute joy and she loves tennis; Stan can do dishes faster than any many alive.  The valley where they live and farm the land is abundantly beautiful, and you are abundantly beautiful for sending me here.  Yesterday I had a run in with a fat tarantula.  Pokey little thing had the nerve to waddle up to my camera when I bent down to take its picture.  Tomorrow begins the farm portion of the X-Country Road and Farm Adventure.  Until then, sit back and enjoy the old time religion of some hard-core, Oklahoma bible thumpers.  I hated that state.  Jono 


mjunta said...

looks good

Zack said...

you have a nice and simple blog.. it is nice visiting your blog Jono

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