Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainy Day Pocket Fix

In 2006 my then-favorite pair of brown trousers developed serious holes in both front pockets with the frequent result of my wallet sliding down the interior of the left pant leg and onto the ground.  This happened so many times I decided to mend the hole, which worked for a time, but eventually my crude stitches came undone.  Even so, I never threw the trousers away.  Once or twice a year I'd put them on, and plunk to the pavement would go my car keys.  I'd think, "I really should get around to mending these pockets.  For real."  

This is my "for real" repair job.  The trouble was that the original fabric had become too threadbare for a patch job to hold.  The pocket had to be entirely rebuilt.  This is the left-hand pocket, the wallet pocket; the right-hand, car-key pocket remains holey.  Perhaps in 2016 I will mend it, or perhaps I will ride this wave of mending and repair it tomorrow.  I kind of want to repair it because I made one aesthetic error tonight: I should have reversed the fabric so that I could turn my pocket inside-out and, as my roommate said, show the world that I have no money but a really cool pocket.  


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