Wednesday, November 2, 2011

tiny wood note

Being broke and underemployed is good for two things: slow braised meat and ingenuity.  You have plenty of time on your hands, but not much dough in your wallet.  You also want beef stew because it's beef stew season.  You want to make beef stew but you don't want to run out to purchase an oven-safe lid knob.  What do you do?  You run outside and grab a small hunk of wood.  Then you run inside and drill a hole into the wood.  Make sure you remove the bark from the hunk of wood.  You can do it with a pocket knife.  Then you want to oil the wood.  If you have wood oil, great.  If you don't, use canola oil or something.  Once your wood is all oily, fashion the wood to the pot lid.  Voil√†.  You now have an oven-safe pot lid knob.  The lid knob doesn't have to look pretty at all.  You only need to be able to hold it.  Pretty is for when you have more time.   

End of "Tiny Wood Note."

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