Friday, December 16, 2011

Eating in Bed, Quadrophenia

My mom called me the other day to make sure everything was OK.  She'd noticed that Oilchanges had been somewhat quiet and, like many a mother would do, she called to make sure that the quietness of my public persona didn't point at some other, more disturbing quiet within me.  I assured her that I was quite happy; I simply hadn't made any noteworthy dinners lately.  Contented that her boy was ok, she proceeded to caution me against getting too "preachy."  "Preachy?" I said.  "Too political," she said.  Perhaps I have been on some political high horse lately, bad-mouthing the Food Network and bashing the Barefoot Contessa with just a little too much glee.  Anyhow, that was last week, and I have since come down with the common cold.  I wonder what Rachael Ray would prescribe?  What 30 Minute Meal would she have up her sleeve for me?  Chicken soup?  I heard she doesn't drive, so even if she did whip me up some chicken soup, one of her minions would have to deliver it.  I can hear her barking at her errand boy, Hey Bruce! Deliver Oilchanges some soup!  Anyway, here is my computer, all comfy in bed.  I doubt I shall watch Quadrophenia after all.  I'm not particularly interested in The Who, and I need to do some grocery shopping anyhow.  It's another, Friday night spaghetti night on old Orchard street.  Buena fortuna! means good fish.  Treat yourself before you eat yourself alive!


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