Tuesday, February 21, 2012

scratch that

Yesterday, for some bizarre reason, I wrote about dating.  I don't have any business writing about dating.  End of discussion.   

This is some sort of breakfast concoction.  This morning I had the idea to scroll through my pictures and find out what I ate around this time last year.  This breakfast concoction is what I ate.  I can remember it now.  It's two stone-ground yellow corn tortillas that I'd deep fried and melted cheese between.  On top of that there is a layer of friend potato rectangles.  In fancy restaurants I have seen cooks square off a potato before slicing or cubing it.  This is in the name of perfection: each die will be exactly the same size and therefore cook at the same rate.  Sometimes I do this.  Like, I did this last year.  

Anyhow, my friend has come over for coffee, so I'll leave you with this picture of irises.  If I were to brush aside the dead leaves that are currently in the garden, I would probably find that these same irises have come up already.  This picture, however, is from March of 2011, so that's about where we are: this is about one month off.  Yes!

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