Saturday, April 21, 2012

percent chance of rain, mustard greens

The weather forecast has been wrong a lot lately, specifically about the rain.  Many days have come and gone without any rain.  There will supposedly be some rain this weekend, and the clouds are shaping up for rain, but I am not holding out for it.  

Why continue to say that there is a 30% chance of rain when we all know that there is no chance of rain at all?  30% essentially means ZERO.  Sometimes it's as if the weather forecasters are in a tunnel somewhere, making their predictions on their phones in the dark.  One good way to predict the weather is to actually look at the sky.  Are there clouds?  What do they look like?  Is the wind blowing?  Is the temperature changing?  How are the birds behaving? 

Plants cannot predict the weather, but they can tell you what the weather has been.  They do keep accurate records, especially of precipitation.  You are looking at some mustard greens that have recently started going to seed.  These, my friends, are mustard greens that never died.  Last winter was not cold enough to kill them off.  They looked ratty about a month ago, but they are now doing their thing—flowering and preparing to make seed.  And getting eaten.  


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