Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snazzy White Pizza

A couple years ago I said that white pizza is an abomination.  I still hold that position.  White pizza is horrid.  Why?  Because most pizza "chefs" do not know how to make white pizza.  Their pizzas come out dry.  If dry pizza is your bag, you can go into pretty much any pizza shop in the country and get one. The fancier the pizza shop, the more likely there will be a white pie on the menu.  While it holds true that even the worst red pizza is still good pizza, such is not the case for white pizza.  I would rather eat paper than one of the flavorless discs that pass for white pie.     

Attention pizza chefs: the secret to a good white pizza is olive oil.  Use a ton of it.  Stretch the dough and then brush it amply with oil.  If the oil is herb infused, even better.  With the above pizza, additional oil was added because I sauteed the kale and chorizo in OIL.  That's oil + oil—and yet this was not a greasy pizza.  Oil is not grease. 

Lastly I want to tell pizza chefs to get over spinach and arugula.  Arugula especially.  It's not stylish anymore.   

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