Saturday, September 22, 2012

Good Morning El Paso

I feel rested but a little crappy this morning.  I thought a night's sleep would knock out the head cold that started creeping up on me back in Baton Rouge.  It did not.  Oh, there goes my alarm.  But I am up before it.  Time change.  I like the mornings best.  Motels can be lonely places at night.   

This is the view from my motel room door.  Those mountains are in Mexico.  It's the habit around here to write on the sides of mountains.  In Sierra Blanca (USA) "S.B." is written on the side of the mountain.  Here, the words Cd. Jaurez, La Biblia Es La Verdad are written on that mountain in the distance.  The Bible is Truth. Juarez is a dangerous place.  That drainage ditch in the foreground is probably a dangerous place as well.  The feral cats that live around here probably drink from it.  I saw bunches of them last night.

There are hummingbirds in that tree.  Lots of them.  They don't appear to be eating.  They're mostly just sitting on branches.  My door is wide open.  The cleaning woman just dropped by and asked me if I spoke Spanish.  I said, Poquito.  She wanted to know when I would check out.  I told her ten-thirty, which is an hour from now.  Here's the view to the north.  If you look closely, you can see the letter "A" on the hillside.

OK, I better get a move on.  I want to tool around in El Paso before I head north into New Mexico.  Today is the last day of my journey.  This is my last road post.  Thanks to everyone who made it possible.  To conclude, here's a short video of the gator head...


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