Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Soup

I made a soup for Hurricane Sandy.  She's supposed to be here tonight.  She's taking her time.  She called earlier.  I wasn't home.  I was out shopping for batteries.  I didn't buy any water because I figured she would bring her own.  

I made Hurricane Sandy tomato and squash soup.  It has chicken and potatoes, too.  Hurricane Sandy is not a vegetarian.  She eats anything.  I like that about her.  

Hurricane Sandy soup got pureed this morning.  It had been chunky, but chunky was not how it wanted to be.  Hurricane Sandy soup was chicken stew yesterday with whole pieces of chicken in it.  Legs and thighs.  Hurricane Sandy prefers dark meat.  It tastes better.  

I was watching a live stream of Hurricane Sandy and chewing on this nice, 8 grain buttered bread.  I was thinking about my friends.  Did Hurricane Sandy make them make soup? 

I didn't have the answer.  I was sitting alone in my room.  I was looking out the window.  When the rain started, the leaves stopped blowing.  I pulled up a spoonful with a potato.  It was not quite four. 


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