Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Prep Notes & Plan

I was always impressed by how well my mother could organize and pull off our Thanksgiving dinners.  She would enlist the rest of us to help her with small tasks such as tearing up the cheap white bread for the stuffing, but apart from that she made Thanksgiving dinner happen single handedly.  This included the table setting, though I am sure it was my dad's job to pull out the extra leaves for the dinning room table and add them, and I have some foggy memories of helping him with that task.  Beyond that, I was completely oblivious to the amount of planning, shopping, and work behind the dinner which would come together in a final push of controlled madness and appear on the table the minute my dad finished carving the bird, each side dish in its appointed china or glassware, the kids all properly situated around the table with their "kid's wine," Welch's sparkling grape juice.  We looked forward to kid's wine and continued to demand it even into adulthood.       

This morning I lied in bed and vaguely mapped out the next two days in my head.  What had I already done?  What did I still need to buy?  In what order should all the cooking proceed?  I got out of bed, made some coffee, wrote out a plan, printed out the plan, and then started making notes on the plan.  It's now 11:22 in the morning, the day before Thanksgiving, and I must get to work.  Rather, I must get back to work.  Rough planning and shopping started on Monday.  Does that sound about right, mom?          

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Seth said...

"Does that sound about right, mom?" is a totally heartbreaking question I feel like I could ask every day.