Friday, November 16, 2012

totally bored

This is not a new soup.  It's a soup from weeks ago.  I think it's a post Romney-defeat soup, but I could be wrong.  Daylight Savings Time has been hard on my memory. 

Do you dread the question, How have you been?  I do.  Do you dread it when someone asks you what you've been up to lately?  I do.  At this time of year it becomes even harder to answer those questions and many other questions like them.  I suppose I have been doing something since I came back from New Mexico, but I am not entirely sure what "something" is.  Mainly, I just don't feel like answering questions.  I'm probably too tired of answering my own questions about myself to answer another person's questions about me and what I've been up to.  And yet there are times when I want to talk. 

A fan g-chatted me today and asked me if Oilchanges was dead.  Oilchanges is not dead.  It's merely going into partial hibernation.  Over the years I have taken to using "Oilchanges" as synonymous with "me."  I'm not entirely sure where I end and it begins. What's the difference?  Well, there is actually a huge difference, but I couldn't tell you what that is at the moment.  I've been reduced to posting two nearly identical pictures of old soup and writing about boredom.  Boredom.  Daylight Savings Time.  Old soup.  Where are my friends?  I'm just sitting in my kitchen, listening to my new soup simmer.  It's chili.   

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