Saturday, March 9, 2013

Grapefruit Juice

What is there to say about Los Angeles?  I'm not totally sure.  One could say something about nachos.  I ate some nachos yesterday.  Really good nachos with stadium cheese.  What's stadium cheese?  It's that melty orange cheese food that you pump onto your chips.  It's commonly found in gas stations.  It is a very appropriate cheese for nachos, but it's most often spotted beside nappy old hot dogs that spin around and around on steel rollers in the Seven Eleven.  Hence, when my hosts, Paul and Caryn, took me to a hot and reputable taco joint in Echo Park yesterday and I spotted a man eating nachos with pump cheese on them, I made up my mind and ordered the nachos.  Basically, yesterday was a fine day for eating out: nachos and tacos for lunch, ramen and karaoke in Little Tokyo for dinner. Which brings me to this morning, the tamales that were waiting for me when I woke up, and the grapefruit juice I made a couple hours later with Caryn.  

I needed that grapefruit juice badly.  A mishap on the train ride home from LIttle Tokyo that involved seventy thousand teens who had just left a Swedish House Mafia concert in Chinatown got this blogger home rather late and, as a result, put some rough edges around him this morning.    After a quick jaunt into Pasadena to drop Paul off at work and a quick stop at the dog food shop where several little dogs sat nervously in cages waiting for their turn to be bathed and given haircuts, me and Caryn bought some grapefruit, took them home, and juiced them.  The result looked like this:

I juiced the grapefruit with a standard citrus juicer, and then I pushed the juice through a chinois to remove the seeds.  I downed one glass, then poured myself another and took it onto the front porch.  Here's to a sunny Saturday afternoon in Highland Park.  

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