Monday, August 11, 2008


Ravioli are always referred to in the plural: ravioli, not raviolo. That's because we rarely eat just one. Now, around my kitchen, I too call them by the plural form, but I also call them "a big pain in the ass." Why? Because I have not perfected my technique. I lack an adequately huge counter; I lack experience in rolling out the dough; and I lack finesse in assembling the little fuckers. Nonetheless, I make them every now and again, and to prove it I made another video. Notice the note of sadness in the narration. This is not because ravioli make me sad. This is because I am sad. Why? It's none of your business.

Basic pasta dough recipe:

2 cups flour, three eggs, pinch salt, 1 fluid ounce water;

Then, heap the flour onto the counter and form what is called a "well." Basically, it's a heap with a big hole in the middle for the eggs, salt, water.

Then, start whisking the eggs while slowing incorporating the flour from the inner edge of the well. When your dough gets "shaggy," begin kneading it by hand. Knead the hell out of it and chill it for half and hour in the refrigerator; then pull it out and knead the hell out of it some more.

Finally, the rolling. If you don't have a fancy pasta cranker like I do, you're in for a lot of work. Just watch the video. I should get around to putting it together pretty soon. In the meantime, check out this link about ravioli if you want to learn more.


Gregory said...

where's the fucking video, huckster?

Jono Tosch said...

It's coming, huckster.