Monday, August 11, 2008

Ravioli of my woeblown heart

This one is less instructional, more artful. Enjoy.


your mom said...

maybe some tortelloni next?

clean that range-top, it's filthy!

please peruse as well as , they are near to my heart at this time in the NEW WEEK!

take it one week at a time. it's nice to watch you cook, in a way, but one wishes that one could sit and have a smoke with you while things cooled, maybe do the dishes afterwards.

I miss B.F. Not saying that it's for no good reason, just that I do.

I like Amitai Etzioni lately, too. Also, Marcuse, aside from being the name of my wildly flourishing orange tree sapling, seems to be at work in a lot of Bush's recent commentary on the room for religious and political liberties in authoritarian regimes. I lef tyour copy of one-dimensional man in B-town, so I will go to the library tommorrow in order to check on this hunch.

Jono Tosch said...

Ah, yes, I will make some tortelloni. Or perhaps I will make some "little hats." Whatever the case, one has to love the nomenclature of Italian pastas. Angel hair, little ears, little hats...perhaps I will invent a new shape and I will call it "orgy for one." It will be a sad piece of dough all scrunched up around itself.