Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Curry Pappardelle (with shrimp and lentil broth)

Well, apparently wild boar is traditionally paired with pappardelle, but since there aren't too many wild boar running around Northampton, I opted away from swine and toward the sea. Sometime last year I made some boring curry noodles, and I accompanied them with some boring frozen shrimp. Well, I heated the shrimp, but you follow my meaning.

Years change things, but leave them alone, too. I am changed, surely I am, and my belly is my testament. This dish is entirely simple. If you are a fresh pasta novice, fear not! My dough tutorial will season you appropriately. To make the curry pappardelle, you must begin with curried dough. You simply add the curry powder of your choice to your flour, and carry on as you would for plain, fresh pasta.

Making noodles is also easy. If you don't have a cranky machine, you are out of luck, or in for a lot of work. Get yourself some Popeye arms and a wide rolling pin. Let's assume, however, that your noodles are already prepared, and you are ready for your lentil broth.

I happened to have some left-over lentils, cooked simply with onion and carrot, salt and pepper. Saute your carrots and onion in olive oil until, uh, you know, whatever, and then add your lentils. Cook your lentils without water until they smell toasty. Then add the right quantity of water. If you add too much, it doesn't matter.

To make the lentil broth, add some water to your cooked lentils, and cook your shrimp in it. Then, salt and pepper to taste, and serve over your pappardelle. If you are lucky, or if you simply use good judgement, your pappardelle will be perfectly curry flavored like mine were. Not too assertive, but not too bland either. Perfect.

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