Saturday, November 29, 2008

Nothing (and requests)

Hi Reader,

You may have heard that Nothing is very easy and quick to make.

You may also have heard that Nothing is very hard to make.

Which one is true?

(a) is true: Nothing is very easy and quick to make. You just plunk a plate down and say to your guest

"Here, why don't you have a bit of Nothing?"

This is a good way to find out if your guest is a ghost.

Dear Reader, your blogger has been too busy lately to post any substantial new blogs. Instead, he has opted for the insubstantial and a promise: I'll be back.

Until then, enjoy this picture of a plastic wild animal on a plate (also very easy to do):

Oh, and I am taking requests. Please tell me what you would like me to make for you, post it as a comment, and the most insistent and/or loyal reader will win. This is your opportunity to have approximately seven-and-a-half minutes of minor fame (I get the other half, naturally). Doesn't that sound like fun? Lastly, Nothing also represents what a lot of people in the world had to eat on Thanksgiving.