Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shrimp Scampi et al

Well, I've never made shrimp scampi before, and I've never eaten shrimp scampi before, and I didn't even make this shrimp scampi (though I did make the fettucine from scratch), so I can't really tell you what shrimp scampi is supposed to be like, but I can tell you that this was a damn fine plate of food. Kudos to the chef.

Friday night, I teamed up with my darling roommate to do some cooking. Generally, I am a total control freak in the kitchen and I back-seat cook everybody, even my own mother...

Well, I suppose I am (a) getting older, or (b) slackening my standards, or (c) just learning to be a decent human being, or (d) I'm not really so terrible. In any case, I focused on the pasta and let Francesca do her scampi dance. This is the dinner we sat down to:

It was absolutely fantastic. I ate and ate and ate. Here are some pictures of me enjoying some shrimp.

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