Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The holidays are like a house of mirrors; they disorient the kitchen and the cook, and, in the hands of a bumbling amateur, left over perishables become monstrous versions of themselves. Or not. I just returned from nine days in Chicago. The flat omelette pictured here is just one thing I slapped together while shoveling snow and packing my bag. The observant reader will, oh yes, observe some sprouts and banana bread in the background of the frame. Hats off to you, observant reader. Did you notice the pomegranate seeds, too?

Anyway, I've returned and come down with a cold. It's NYE 2008 and I started the day grumpy. One hot lemon and honey tea (with a splash of single malt Scotch) later, I started to feel ok. A couple hours after that, a shower under my belt, it occurred to me that I should skip going out to dinner and instead focus on some holiday tortelloni, so, like good potatoes, keep your eyes peeled for those puppies. In the meantime, get off the internet and celebrate with your friends, family, significant others, etc. If anybody actually knows what mistletoe looks like (it's not holly), feel free to post a comment when your hangover peters out. Cheers.

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Dr. Crowbar said...

I love you too Jono, but I digress, for I am here to speak the beauty of omelettes. As you know I am a big fan of the simple egg crepe.