Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheese tortellini (you may have my friend, but do you have this?)

So I met my publisher at the bar last night and, being complete professionals, we did not discuss my upcoming chap book, Under Sea. Instead, we talked about the weather and energy nuggets. We also talked about my blog. Is this really a cooking blog? Why do people read this stuff, anyway? I mean, half the time I'm like, "You wanna eat this? You got a brain. You figure it out," and the other half I'm like, "bang that shit through your chinois; get your oil hot and horny; you want that shit to scream like a rat in a trap." Point is, Sean helped me realize that maybe I could post another bacon sandwich.

Well, winter has a way of gathering ones favorite recipes into a tidy heap. It laughs at them: look at yourselves, your ridiculous little pile! So that settles it. Time for another oil change. Maybe when spring rolls around, you know, since spring rolls, then maybe I might add some new pebbles to the heap, but in the meantime, this puppy is going diary style.

Oh, and the tortellini were abso-fucking-lutely delish! I'm serious, they totally were. And those grapefruit don't think I put them there just to make the shot look pretty? Hell no! I devoured those bad boys. Absolutely devoured them. Peace

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Gregory said...

We're going to have to change the name of this blog to "Idiot Gyro" if you keep this direction, Jono.