Friday, January 9, 2009

Curry Linguine with peas

If what they say is true, that you can gauge the skill of the cook by the flavor of his simplest dishes, is it also true that you can gauge the skill of the blogger-cook by his simplest posts? A vegetarian friend wrote on my wall, "Stop eating meat," and this is my reply.

There is nothing to this dish. Because I currently occupy a vacuous home, and because my current mood prohibits social actions, old familiar portions need to be reduced to accommodate one diner, moi. I reduced my dough recipe by one third.

One egg, 2/3 cup of flour, 1/3 oz of cool water, a teaspoon of curry powder (more or less), one baby pinch of salt

Combine with elbow grease to produce the dish you see. Defrost the peas, drain them, sautee them in a lot of butter, and toss them with the noodles and black pepper. It is very simple.



Anonymous said...

i think you have approached mastery of the simplest form of human amusement the complex art of fire , protein ,and the intricacies of complimentary flavors and side dishes,because what would a dish be alone ,but food.the food is hunt the hunt is food

Jono Tosch said...

Thank you, mystery person.

Laura Kuster said...

That looks good...wohoo!!!