Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Art Not Food

Dear readers, Oil Changes has not switched formats. Instead, I am taking this opportunity to air out some of the various little things I've made across the years. Most of these little things wind up somewhere, some of them in the garbage, some in boxes, some in the mail, some who-knows-where. Many of them are like the crushed cans I collect on my walks: they skid about the streets with trashy souls and trashy minds.

If I cultivate a Povera attitude, it is not because I know anything about that, but rather because I have never considered myself a "serious" artist, and because it was not until recently that I put aside money that would otherwise be spent on food and beer to buy myself some "proper" art supplies. But enough of this rambling. On to the pieces...


self portrait with beers


the kennedy cheese

found objects collage

turgenev can

marlboro babies

markers and such





flowers and cells

water color

(grocery bag 1)



notnostrums said...

Speaking for myself and nn, your art is the balls, Jono.

Anonymous said...

you are the bomb, keep it up... -EP

Anonymous said...

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