Friday, March 20, 2009

Taco Spree

My spring break is just about gone and so is my pink eye. It's been a boring but peaceful week and I accomplished zilch. Well, almost zilch. I suppose healing is a kind of accomplishment. In one hour I have an appointment with the eye doctor, the optometrist, and so it's been my goal since Monday morning to get my eyes well enough to be examined for some long-awaited, long overdue, new glasses! Hooray! These ones are entirely scratched, bent, missing one nose pad, etc etc. But what does this have to do with tacos and taco sprees? Well, nothing exactly.

Wednesday night, to alleviate some boredom and loneliness (too much youtube syndrome), I took myself out on a cheap date to Veracruzano, Northampton's pathetic excuse for a taco joint. Let's just say that I was not at all pleased with dinner, and thus I took it upon myself to make some decent tacos, pictured here. Thursday's lunch, fish tacos (below); Friday's lunch, bean tacos (above). The trick is in the shell. I found some outstanding, rough, corn tortillas at the River Valley Market and fried them into the crunchy, crackling glories you see here.

And that's it. Tacos have nothing to do with eyes, except this: I can't write about tacos anymore because I need to get my eyes checked. I promise you, you will never hear that sentence ever again, so long as you shall inhabit this verily green, fiesta-ridden, plush Earth. Bye bye pink eye! Hello new specs! Adios los tacos! Hola contact lenses. Fishy beany goodness with a crackle and a smile, let spring set upon us like a fat, green glove. Like the wind, Veracruzano blows. Peace.

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M. said...

La Veracruzana doesn't blow! It just sucks, a little. Honestly, the only thing I like about that place is their burritos and fried plantains and that I live near one. However, I would never recommend the fish tacos (or the chicken tortilla soup or the yucca frito). MISTAKE.

Their salsa bar is great, though. Remember that.

Did I really just comment to half-defend a restaurant?