Saturday, June 20, 2009

Busted Camera!

Sometimes cheap-o cameras bust. Sometimes cheap-o cameras crap out. Sometimes they go haywire. Other times they go on the fritz. Mine bit the dust, and that means no more posts until I splash out for a new cheap-o camera. In the meantime, here is a slice of pizza.

As you can see, those onions are still pretty much raw. I did not have the patience to cook the onions before popping this slice into the toaster oven late one night in the not-so-distant past.

This some tuna salad. I prefer tuna packed in oil. One of my best friends prefers tuna packed in brine, which is a wrong preference. Except in the cold months, tuna packed in oil is far superior for tuna salad. The oil does the work of the mayo. I love mayo, but one of my other best friends does not. That is a wrong non-love. There is no excuse for not loving mayo.

Finally, this is some pasta salad. Those noodles appear to be loose or "lazy" rotini. Roughly translated, rotini means "dog chewing on an iron fence," which I've never fully understood, probably because Italians are an irrational, passionate people who tend toward sloth.

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