Monday, June 15, 2009

radishes and rain

Hi, I want to begin with some simple questions:

1) what is wrong with the weather here? It is constantly raining and cold. I know it was hot the other day, but this is totally unacceptable.

2) do you see how dingy that table cloth is? What do you think I should do about that?

3) do you want to see what I ate for lunch on this bullshit afternoon? I don't care. The rain makes me forceful.

Leftover chili and a sandwich. The sandwich has some melted cheddar cheese, some garlic scallions, and some radish greens. Now for more questions:

4) this is not a question; it's a statement: OilChanges just rolled over the 3000 views mark.

5) good for fucking OilChanges. hooray. rain is annoying.

1 comment:

Colie said...

rain is good for plants! and for reading!