Monday, February 8, 2010

Corn Chowder and Yoruba Drums

I'm headed to Philly.  Until I come back, here's a loud video with some loud drums for all you video and drum fans out there.  C U Soon!


GB said...

What are you doing in Philly? Any Valentine's feasts to post?

Anonymous said...

southern california is a "void." I was in Chicago once and found out the Johnny Knoxville was in town there as well. So I tried a bunch of numbers....calling southern california to try to figure out where he was staying, but there was no answer at all. It's "calling a void." It's just people driving in cars: if they get a call they might wreck. Then everyone gets old. On it goes. Some dirty massage places though, quite neat. There is gum all over the sidewalks: this place, LA, and SF are totally "used." The people are supposed to be cool but really they're not. In and Out Burger sucks despite its popularity. All the deals I've discovered here have gone up. It's getting really pricey, but California's not even a nice place. I came all this way to eat at McDonalds. Next somebody will shoot me. Already been beat up once, only mugged twice. Happily I know Chef Simms and he keeps me fed. We went to The London on my birthday and he dropped off an application. Pretty fancy joint, where Axle Rose parties, we'll see. I have faith in him though, soon to be on HBO.