Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuna Melt

This is my second tuna melt of the day AND my second tuna melt of all time!  I have turned over a new leaf, and there is a tuna melt under it.  Now I would like to repeat "tuna melt" three times---tuna melt, tuna melt, tuna melt---for it is through repetition that we come to understand the nature of bliss. 

Or just how to make a really killer tuna melt.  Here's the universal secret for bliss:

Start with excellent ingredients, and treat them excellently.  You cannot go wrong.      


Seth said...

Holy shit I just made one before I saw this!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Jono can describe the ultimate cheese sandwhich recipe. I first became fascinated with these things on layovers on my way to LA in Las Vegas, at a Blimpies. I've always chose a somewhat inexpensive item, but these things were the best anyway. Later I found it to be shut down, but my taste continued. I even wrote it into a series of okay stories about a character named Mandy, that meets her best friend, Steve, while munching on a cheese sandwhich in front of a mini-market. I myself found a place that served these delicious deals in my hometown of Bloomington Illinois. You can live off them! I find it to be either a perfect snack (fuck soup), or lunch, and doesn't weigh down any artist type or other with heavy meat that causes gas. I have never taken up making my own, and have always bought them. The best one I've found in LA is at Raffalo's pizza: there's 4 of them in the central area, and once again it's the cheapest thing there and the best tasting. Melts in your mouth, cheese sandwiches.

Doug said...

Dude, the cheese sandwich and the making thereof is worth like a whole other blogsite unto itself. And that's before we even get started on grilled cheese, and whether to eat them with ketchup, catsup, or not. I could get boring for hours, days, possibly weeks,months, years on this subject.

Anonymous said...

you can throw the sandwhich in a microwave or toaster over, (as well); cheese might melt though!!