Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mini Zines

Dear reader,

Folding zines is a pain in the butt.  But bean tacos are delicious (at least the ones stuffed with my ultra secret refried beans are).  Therefore, one would think that a bean taco folding party would alleviate some of the pain, but alas, nope, it didn't.  Here's what the workstation looked like:

To the left of the tacos is the notorious Lionel Richie "Crack head" zine.  That little number won me more beer than any other effort.  It is also reported that it made someone's teenage sister pee her pants.  It's very funny.  Since it's so mini, I used to slide it into knitting and home & garden books at the public library.  Here's a page from it:

Another notorious mini zine, Dope Fiends of the Deep, is about fish that have substance abuse problems.  This one has had three production runs.  Just last night a friend came into my room and she said, "You made that!  I've been cherishing it for years now, wondering who made it."  And I thought she was just flattering me when, the last time I was at her house, I saw it sitting pretty on her coffee table.  Anyway, here's a page:

Finally, the most recent of the bunch, Yejzchok Imgobwich! is actually my favorite of all because there's no English words in it, and yet, I think it still tells a story, like it's some kind of political pamphlet.  In my mind, it's a Polish Political Pamphlet, you know, some kind of Underground, Iron Curtain Era work.  (BTW, my sense that the writing is Polish is based on the fact that I lifted some of the words from signs in the windows of Polish furniture stores.  At least I thought so.)  Anyway, Pahazy me, he's the leader of the Resistance!  Go liberation!

So, as you can see, these zines are not food.  OilChanges reserves the right to do some non-food posts sometimes, especially if he feels like it.


Anonymous said...

chef Simms was at last successful with making homemade pizza. we (him) owe the success to oilchanges, supplying us with full bellies. do I get any credit for "inspiring" your zine career,(?) or didn't I ??

Anonymous said...

Me and Kevin Lustrup (when he still lived on the West Coast), dined often for cheap on bean and steak tacos. I told him I bought a Thai restaurant dish for five bucks and he said "fuck that." Very cheap living. Andrew Sola told me to eat beans as well. I don't though. I had a let down with cheese sandwhiches: it was taking forever and I told them I wanted a refund and he went into a tizzy. At any rate a lot of cheese sandwhiches arent' as healthy probably as what you could make yourself. I want to start always making my own food but I'm lazy and drunk often and have no kitchen really. Pretty "marginal" living here in the big city. I still believe James Dean got blown for his first role too.

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