Saturday, March 27, 2010

Broccoli Sprouts

Touted by men and gods alike, their coming heralded by dogs with golden throats and hares with golden ears, known high and low, on hill and dale, under river beds and in modern furniture showrooms alike, broccoli sprouts have long been praised for their ability to fluff up a cheese sandwich or add some bounce to a heavy ham salad, but my friends and loyal readers, for all their merits, sung by mutinous choirs of angels with bottles of gin stabbed through their crystalline stomachs (angels have stomachs), few people understand nor can even comprehend the intense, sexual power broccoli sprouts exert upon anybody who, upon the conclusion of a long and tiresome day on the hunt, peers upon their slender glassy fingers, their translucent whirly-gigs and their tiny but vigorously green petals of chlorophyllic wonderment.  That is, this is all a bunch of nonsense!  Sprouts, on the other hand, are quite delicious.  

sprout salad with tarragon vinegar, mustard, and chopped pickle dressing

cheese and pickle sandwich on pain de mie with dressed sprouts

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Anonymous said...

what the hold fuck?? A cheese and pickle sandwich with sprouts. I'd live off those bad asses if I was doing better. Down on my luck. I can't figure out if you're supposed to be bummed out due to income problems, or if it just doesn't matter, and you can be happy still. the recession has driven many a writer types out of LA but I still remain somehow. No more massages and nightclubs for me, I guess. could you make a recipe for the ultimate avacado sandwhich: the greatest poor guy food known to man, trouble is my approach is far from fancy. Still tastes great nonetheless. I deleted my blogs: didn't like them. getting a new digital camera soon. maybe after I take a few hundred photos I could blog it up again. I am very picky, and have too good of an eye for detail, and no scanner in my hovel. "there's a lot of idiots in big cities," someone at a hostel said. I tend to believe it, gee whiz, it's like being back at the dawn of man, or right after the ice ages ended. I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a cave man trundling through h-wood. I guess, as a way for me to possibly "clarify" the fact that I used to get a lot of "A's" in public school, may be by pinning down a lot of the idiots actions and words as just an uneducated wash. Truly their selves make no sense in the reality on this planet. It will boggle your mind, so maybe there is some way of labeling their behavior and thereby just tossing it off as themselves being complete idiots. I'm starting to sound like I'm a great man talking like this, but I just do not know which earth-reality they come from. Maybe "the ultimate avacado sandwich" could purge me of confusion.