Monday, August 30, 2010

Steak and Eggs

My mom made flank steak last night.  I made steak and eggs this morning.  For brunch.  My dad got wind of this, so I made him a small plate.  He added the gum and said, "I better see this on the internet soon."  Anyway, I'm in the Village Market coffee shop in South Haven, Michigan, taking advantage of their wireless and paying some bills.  I need to run because my baby wants to do some shopping in Holland, but I need to say one thing about steak and eggs before I leave this coffee shop with its scenic vista of a parking lot: you should only make steak and eggs when there is left-over steak in your fridge.  It's obscene to make steak in the morning just so you can have steak and eggs.    

dad's plate

my plate: note the expert hash brown

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