Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Butternut Soup for lunch on a sunny day

This weekend a reader told me that I should make the blog more personal.  This was at a rehearsal dinner in Spaghetti Freddy's.  The food went very well with the free booze. I was bashing the avocado and getting big responses from the people at my table, but I was not able to convince anybody that the avocado is just green texture.  Not even the feedback lady.  Anyway, today is much better than yesterday.  The sun is out.  It's streaming through my mini blinds.  I graded all my outlines before lunch.  Now I'm waiting for this very bowl of soup to cool before digging in.  This morning I ate two slices of toast: one with peanut butter, one with the grape conserve from an earlier blog.  Have a grape day.  



Medifast Coupons said...

A great looking bowl of soup! I am thinking I know what I want for lunch today.

Anonymous said...

I miss my homestate, haven't been there in years. I live in this really weird place, but I'm going to get out of the metropolis and go to San Diego in a few days. I've been eating cheap, with fried potatoes with eggs, green peppers, onions, and jalepenos -- with garlic salt rather than regular salt. Chef Simms told me to do it. Grilled cheeses I still think are one of the best things. Also, I think eggs are a great sort of "fast food" in their own way that can make for quick eats for on the go people like myself. This city makes me feel weird, or think about weird stuff rather -- it sucks. It is into strange stuff and is all about these cheap stars or something which I don't understand. My name and/or pictures aren't all over the internet really, but they "should be." think about stuff like this -- it's just because I"m stuck here. Anyway, thanks for listening -- I'm actually doing good, but as one guy on skid row once said "you have to be crazy to understand it all," because it's all so strange, and basically isn't really that normal. Try Kentucky I guess -- it makes a little more sense. I participate, but I don't know if I could ever be one of the types you come across frequently around here that are seemingly obsessed with the media in one way of the other: I just never found it to be that interesting, I guess I'm different. Try New York, it's colder, but the people aren't as dumb probably... (everyone's stoned around places like LA...)